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"The Tobacco Conspiracy" is a film on the cigarette which does not deal with problems of health related to nicotinism, but which seeks to answer a very simple question: how the cigarette can appear so inoffensive and banal whereas it kills one out of two of its faithful consumers?

This documentary deciphers in-depth logics and attitudes of the various actors of the problems of tobacco: industry, public power and the civil company. The film reveals the strategies above suspicion of the nicotine trust, exposes the hesitations and contradictions of the administration, presents the offensives of a new kind – the one of the opponents to tobacco.

Filmed like a "reality thriller", with its spies, its strategists, its collateral victims. Impregnated of spectacle and emotion, this film brings a reflexion in crossed glances on three places, Canada (and a little bit the United States), the European Community and the Black Africa. Because they well represent three stages of the evolution of the treatment of tobacco at the political, economic and social levels.

In addition, we come to a turning point in the history of tobacco, with the installation of three very restrictive new statutory frameworks: that of the World Health Organization (191 countries), that of the European Union, that of Canada (where industry has just been dismissed).

Download the pressbook in english here.